Bsides Nashville 2014

There was a special gathering on May 17th, 2014 at our partner's campus, Lipscomb University. Bsides Nashville was a get together where people in the information security industry, mostly local to Nashville and surrounding areas, met to exchange ideas and share knowledge as well as experiences.

There were seasoned professionals who came to meet their twitterverse's friends; there were newbies who wanted to know what they could do to change careers; there were children present who wanted to know more about the field and to make sure this is what they wanted to do career wise; there were presenters just beginning this new chapter in their careers; there were presenters who've travelled all over the world and served as shining examples of what a professional in our community should aspire to be.

There were recognized leaders such as Jack Daniel and Winn Schwartau who regaled us with their stories and continued to impress us with their knowledge.

There was Elvis! There were BBQ Ribs. There was plenty of drinks, and laughs, and hugs, some of them awkward. Minds were melted due to information overload. Minds were opened due to information overload. New ideas were born. New friendships were made.

Best of all was the final outcome of this first Bsides Nashville event as expressed by most of the attendees: "This was a great event and I can't wait to be here again next year."

The organizers spent a lot of time, sweat, and tears to plan this event during an entire year. And even though we enjoyed this weekend tremendously, just as all of you present enjoyed it, we felt it went by too fast. Someone saw me sitting in a chair after everyone had left and asked me why I was looking so sad, and my answer was "my baby has walked away".

As organizers, we are proud of what we have accomplished. As part of the infosec community, we are proud of what you have accomplished; Our sponsors, our partners, we thank you so very much. You helped us financially to provide an entire experience to attendees. Attendees, you have shown us how much you appreciate our efforts by being present.

Thank you so much for being part of our history.

Looking forward to welcoming all of you again next year.

Ed Rojas (@EdgarR0jas / @Bsidesnash)

Lauren (@Lil_lost)

Geoff Collins (@Digiears)

Gabriel Bassett (@Gdbasset)

Finn Breland (@FinnBreland)

Paul Coggin (@PaulCoggin)

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